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What Do Pro Golfers Drink While Playing?

What Do Pro Golfers Drink While Playing

Although golf may seem like a leisurely and social sport, it is still demanding for amateur and pro golfers. Watching a tournament, you’ll often see the contestants sipping a drink from a water bottle.

But what do pro golfers drink while playing?

They mostly drink water – the best choice for hydration. But, sometimes they need something extra and drink sports or energy drinks to balance their electrolyte levels. Vitamin drinks and protein shakes are essential for maintaining their energy levels and aiding their recovery after practice.

We’ll explore the effects of dehydration, which may lead to various problems on the golf course. Further, we’ll consider the main options that pro golfers prefer to drink during practice and tournaments.

Effects of Dehydration

Effects Of Dehydration

Professional athletes who are practicing and taking part of tournaments can suffer from dehydration.

Although golfers aren’t as physical as other athletes who might run and are involved in more strenuous exercise, they also are active. Due to golf’s perceived leisurely pace, many golfers, amateurs and pros alike, may forget to hydrate properly.

Mental and Physical Fatigue

Golf is both mentally and physically demanding–judging how hard to hit the ball, judging distance, or swinging the club correctly.

Mental fatigue may lead to physical confusion on the course in extreme cases. Milder forms of confusion may lead you to select the wrong club for a particular shot or misjudge the distance the ball needs to travel when striking. Or, even worse, you may forget everything you’ve been working on to improve your game.

Physical fatigue can set in without warning. Some physical effects of dehydration include a decrease in sweating, a rise in body temperature, a reduction in blood volume, and the body increasing muscle glycogen use.

Other effects of dehydration: dark/highly concentrated urine. Urinary tract infections, or in extreme cases, kidney problems and kidney stones.

Slower Reaction Times

Fast reflexes combined with fast reaction times lead to the best shots. You can still save a potential lousy shot when you realize you need to correct your grip before striking the ball.

However, if you are dehydrated, this reaction time decreases and will lead to less-than-perfect shots (and frustration). Your grip might shift, resulting in shots going awry or releasing the club slightly differently, leading to shots beyond your control.

The Main Options for Effective Hydration

The Main Options For Effective Hydration

Proper hydration is paramount for anyone’s physical wellbeing. Perhaps, even more so for athletes as they are placing their bodies under physical strain. Golf’s leisurely pace and social element make it an attractive sport.

The problem is that amateurs especially, tend to hydrate incorrectly or with improper drinks such as beer, other alcoholic beverages, or soda.

Of course, golf is fun, and you want to enjoy yourself on the greens, but being mindful of what you consume on the golf course can only improve your overall experience and playing your best game.

We’ll look at some options the pro golfers drink and give you insight into incorporating these into your game as well.


Our body weight comprises around 60-70% water. And all living things need water to stay hydrated–from microscopic insects to plants to the biggest mammal.

Being out in the sun on the golfing greens takes a physical toll on pro golfers. Some pro golfers are exceptionally methodical about their water consumption–taking a drink every hole or two.

Hydration is also important for caddies who carry heavy bags and equipment and can easily fall into dehydration without noticing.

Pro golfers usually avoid products advertised as “water with added vitamins” – the body cannot store the excess vitamins but excretes them. The products are high in sugars and can cause dehydration.

An excess of vitamins can also be detrimental to overall health. They can also contain high sugar concentrations, leading to dehydration and spikes in blood sugar levels, leading to impaired performance.

Sports or Energy Drinks

Enough electrolytes are essential for overall bodily function, especially for athletes performing strenuous activities. They aid the body in contracting muscles and producing energy.

Typically, sports drinks do not contain caffeine because they may lead to feeling shaky. Some sports drinks have sugar, and pros tend to avoid these altogether.

Gatorade and Powerade are popular choices among pro golfers and sports people alike. Both are also available in sugar-free options.

Vitamin Drinks or Protein Shakes

Different companies produce different vitamin drinks or protein shakes specifically designed for athletes, offering nutrition for endurance and recovery.

Most pro golfers work with a specialist to figure out which specific vitamins, minerals, or proteins they need to do their best on the golf course. Because they spend large amounts of time outside practicing, they can decide what works best for them to bring out their top performance.

Keep in mind, sometimes a pro golfer is sponsored by a particular company, and they are required to wear their caps and shirts and drink their products to advertise the product.

One should always use caution with your choice of hydration–just because a big name is drinking something, it doesn’t mean it will be the right product for you.

If you are unsure, consult your physician – remember the pros have their own teams working closely with them.


We shouldn’t underestimate the effects of dehydration. It may initially have a slight influence on amateur and pro golfers, such as mental and physical fatigue or slower reaction times. But, it can also cost a pro golfer their tournament title when the effects worsen.

Water is one of the best options to stay hydrated. It balances the body’s blood volume levels and lessens the chances of severe physical problems.

Sports and energy drinks are another way the pros use to help them support adequate hydration and electrolyte levels. Being out on the golf course on a hot summer day increases sweating, which results in losing necessary salts through sweat.

Their third top choice is vitamin drinks, and protein shakes. These are great options to replenish lost nutrients through sweat. The build-up and replenishment after a long day in the sun does wonders for the body, mind, and spirit.